About us

us_reachWith the film distribution business constantly evolving, Revolver continues to seek innovative avenues for distributing content both physically and digitally.  Revolver approaches each title creatively, using social media and guerrilla marketing tactics to connect each film with both its core and secondary audiences.

Leaving no stone unturned, Revolver exploits its catalog on a variety of platforms including digital rentals and sales, subscription on-demand services, cable VOD channels, and major retailers across North America.  With this multi-tiered release strategy, Revolver is equipped to maximize the exposure of its catalog, and bring fans of independent film exactly what they are looking for.

VOD is also influencing distribution practices, with day-and-date DVD and VOD releases now becoming the norm. Embracing the changing market, Revolver have streamlined their marketing efforts to get the most out of every release, bringing their films directly to audiences who prefer on demand viewing.

Recent releases include the BBC’s Hunt vs Lauda, Sir Kenneth Brannagh’s The Magic Flute, Gruff Rhy’s American Interior, and Axelle Carolyn’s Soulmate.